The prime objective of DR. Madhu Walia is to focus  majorly  on providing a platform to a child so that he learns about his inner potential. The college believes in providing top quality education coupled with holistic growth of a child and aims to create a successful global citizen. In today’s dynamic world when every moment a new innovation in technology is evolved, the college provides ample opportunities to students to innovate and think critically and lead the learning process.
We feel very contended after bearing in mind the progress the college has made by imbibing in its students value based education synergized with modern teaching-learning technology to produce a generation of well informed and emotionally sound generation during these years. And I ensure all the parents  that in times to come we will continue this journey with all elevated enthusiasm and with determination  provide a platform of holistic learning to the young generation of learners.


Our Team

Dr. Madhu Walia
Pinki Sharma
Sunita Dhull
Suman Lata